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What Is A Sales Funnel? Mintbird Review

Sep 22

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Marketing is all about generating consumer interest in products and services that a business is offering. 

Leads may be created for various purposes, such as list building and e-news letter acquisition. While advertising is the most popular method for creating leads, there are other options such as organic search engine results, referrals from customers or referrals from current customers.

In my opinion, a sales funnel is one of the most effective ways to sell anything online, no matter what. The funnel is the best way to build trust and build relationships before you make a sale. It is extremely powerful tool in the online digital world. You're likely to have seen your brand mentioned on the internet.

There are many types of funnels that you don't even know about.

OK, so what is a sales funnel exactly? What is it? How can you harness its power?

Think of a sales funnel like an inverted funnel. You start with a wide opening to capture as many leads possible at the top of the funnel - that would be the widest part. That could be achieved by a variety of methods such as a free e-book or a free video series offering benefits and solutions.

To see how cutting edge funnel building software works, check out the short video below...


One of the more popular methods today is for people to sign up for a free webinar. With this type of techology, you can run pre-recorded webinars that look like they are live, when in fact they have been already recorded. When doing these types of webinars, the key is offering a ton of value so that people feel like its worth their time to invest 60 to 90 minutes of their valuable time. When done correctly, webinars can be extremely powerful and profitable. 

Once you capture you lead, now what? At this stage you will want to engage your list or warm them up by sending out a few emails. Where a lot of internet marketing so called "guru's" get into trouble, they slam they lists everyday with an offer. You know the type - right! You sign up for an email and they start hammering you daily and even several times a day. 

In fact, that strategy is a disaster waiting to happen. The entire process should be one of benefit and solutions to your potential customers. For example, give, give give and then offer something for sale. Rinse and repeat. 

Remember - people prefer to do business with people they trust and like. Before you attempt to pitch our offer to them, it is important to establish a rapport with the prospect. People will feel they know you when we provide huge value and show genuine interest at the entry points to your sales funnel. 

Once you have warmed up your list, you can start to narrow down your leads to the most engaged. For example, offer them a low priced item between $10-20 dollars to see who is interested in your initial offer. The whole point of getting a customer to commit to that first purchase is all about establishing trust. Once that customer feels comfortable, they maybe more inclined to purchase other products and services from you in the future. Ultimately, a companies goal is for them to buy their highest ticket item. 

Of course, it's slightly different during a product launch. For example, a funnel will usually contain several offers on product launches. 

The business will offer you the initial product, usually at a low price. Depending on what your potential customer does next, they are presented with the next stage in the funnel process or what's known as an upsell or OTO. This process can involved several upsells or OTO's. I've personally seen some have 6 to 8 upsells, which is just insane - right?

As technology evolves, so do funnel building software. One product that has caught my attetion is called Mintbird. It's cutting edge technology designed to minimize the time needed to design a professional funnel in just a few minutes. 

To learn more, click the link here to check it out

Or just watch the short Mintbird Reviews video above that demonstrates some of the key features and functions of this incredible software.