Wednesday assorted hyperlinks – Marginal REVOLUTION


1. Thomas Meaney on Singapore.  Good, attention-grabbing lengthy learn from LRB.

2. What is the ideological news slant of your Twitter account? (mine was 57% left-wing, 34% right-wing, not too many centrists, at the least by their measures, possibly I favor “the kooks”).  I don’t want to embarrass anybody specifically, however a number of the ideological bubbles you will discover with this are…simply exceptional.

3. Why it is important to translocate rhinos upside down.

4. Ten economists address overheating, my view is closest to that of Jason Furman (NYT).

5. Are the economics of tennis broken? (Bloomberg)

6. Update on the Swedish pandemic experience.

7. Ross Douthat on decadence and the intellectuals.

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