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The Biggest Breakdown Cover Service Brands In Britain

Feb 20

Britain is a nation of car owners, especially in winter, when the warmth of our ride, gives us comfort going tow work or wherever. But unlike many car insurance policy providers in Europe, car breakdown cover is sold as a separate add on to the vehicle insurance.

In Britain it seems we like to choose who our favourite breakdown cover service provider will be And exactly what policy is right for us.<?p>

The favourite brands include the AA, RAC and Green Flag the former two evolving from historical motoring clubs, throughout the golden age of motoring. The later was born in 1971 as a network of garages, rather than employed mechanics.

The days of pinning the AA or RAC badge to our front grille has long gone, and we are buying a financial product regulated by the financial authority now, rather than a motoring club membership. But at the end of the day, should your vehicle suffer a breakdown, it is more than likely it will be one of these 3 brands that will take the call and attend the stricken vehicle. There are some smaller branded operators out there, but none as big as these three.

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Competition has Brought their services, closer together

They all offer Roadside Assistance, National Recovery Services, an At home Policy and cover for European travel. The AA has the largest number of employed mechanics, the RAC balances the employed with a network or garages, where Green Fag, still sticks by its 100% usages of local mechanics.

This can show in the premium prices, which can vary, especially to gain new customers, renewals tend to be more expensive with all providers. An advantage of not combining car insurance with breakdown cover, is the ability to shop around at the end of each policy, as said before re-newels tend to be more expensive, than the first policy.

Pricing Has Changed

Somewhere along the line, these breakdown service providers have moved from an annual pricing to a monthly one. No more annual published prices, just how much it will cost a month, even though you are entering an annual contract. Maybe the sound of £8 a month is a better judge of the value are getting and piece of mind, should your car breakdown.

Clearly a car breakdown down many miles from home, will not be cheap having it transported home, this one event could cover the annual premium many times over.

Is The Cover For Person Or Car?

Yes all 3 now offer different option of cover depending on lifestyle and how many cars in the family. Not so many years ago, each breakdown cover service provider, either offered cover for the car and another provider for the person. All three brands now offer both options. If you are the sole driver of the car, then it may be cheaper to stick to that policy. But if there are several cars and fewer drivers than a personal policy may be the best.

Age Of The Vehicle

There may be some differences in the type and age of vehicles covered. Sometimes 15 years is seen as the oldest vehicle to covered for some polices. But competition can change these differences, so reading the small print is a must, especially of the you own an older car.



  • Choose your breakdown cover separately to your car insurance, so you can shop around for both policies.
  • Ensure you get the right policy for you or your car
  • If you travel log distances, the cost of a recovery policy can be much cheaper than paying for transport to recover your vehicle.
  • Do you prefer employed mechanics, or are you not bothered.
  • Prices can change due to offers and competition.