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MUGA Construction

Sep 22

Construction of a MUGA

Every MUGA construction is unique and each project we have done has been different. There are many factors that affect the cost and design of a multi-use facility. These factors include your choice of sports, the best surface specification, the size of the site, and the location. We will take all of these factors into consideration when creating a quotation for the work. We will always strive to provide the best products and services possible for every client.

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To speak with one of our local experts about the cost of MUGA construction, please use our contact form. We will promptly get back to your with additional information about the construction and the cost of the installation.

What is a Multi-user Group Agreement?

Multi-use games areas (MUGAs) are multi-use spaces that can be used for a variety of sports and activities. Multi-use areas allow for multiple activities to be done in one space. This makes them ideal for schools or clubs that have limited budgets. A multi-sport pitch or court can be installed on a variety of surfaces, depending on what sport you want to play. A macadam or polymeric surface might be more suitable for players who want to play tennis, netball and basketball. Contact us for more information about nearby installations.

Specification for MUGA Installation

The MUGA installation specification is created and specified to fit the client's budget, funding, and cost requirements. This will help the contractor design the sub base and drainage design. As we carry out colour coating you can choose a bespoke design with individual line markings for each of your chosen sports This specialist painting is done to give anti slip qualities to improve safety and grip on the court for sports such as netball and tennis.

A multi-use games area is built near me according to the requirements of Sport England, AENA and ITF. Prices, quotes, and costs will vary depending on where you are located, how accessible you have, and what the ground conditions are. The ball court must be built at the base of a hill. If it is going to be used for multi-use games, then drainage is a priority. Infill is another consideration to ensure that the CBR compaction is appropriate. Because it's so versatile, we can design sport surfaces to meet the requirements of governing bodies for basketball, tennis and netball.

Multi-Sport Building Contractors Near me

Multi-Sport contractors in my area are experts in the construction of MUGAs. Please make sure you verify the company's creditworthiness. Many contractors and companies in the UK are in financial trouble. We have worked on MUGA macadam surfaces at many facilities, including schools, clubs, and universities.

How to build a multi-use games area

You can ask our experts for more information about how to create a multi-use games area. These are the main steps that we follow:

Grab the existing surfacing
Install a geotextile membrane
If necessary, install stone or macadam sub-bases
If necessary, install a shockpad (most commonly used for rugby and other sports).
Place the sports surface
For polymeric and macadam, apply colour coating
Line markings are used to ensure accurate game scoring
Multi-Sport Specialist Installers

Multi-sport specialists can install multi-purpose areas in your area and surrounding areas that will please you. To ensure that you are satisfied with the final result, we will install your multi-purpose areas in a way that is most convenient to you. Our main goal is to offer great value while installing MUGAs of the highest standard. To ensure the best results, we will only use premium materials and specialist equipment.