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Starting in 2001 in the quaint village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire, England. The brand was born by two pals who infused their knowledge of ceramic crafts.

Old Tupton Ware began with floral vases and successfully branched over to ornamental teddy bears, honey pots, night lights, and even spectacle stands. What sets the wares apart is the hand-made element tube lined decorated with all the work.

Some of our favorite Old Tupton Ware Pottery pieces –

Ceramic Honey Pot

Ceramic honey pots are one of my favorite tools in my kitchen. I love bee products, so being able to enjoy the taste of honey in a pot that looks like a little beehive is just fun.   A dipper spoon is a special kind of teaspoon used for honey pots to drop honey onto your toast and other foods in the morning for breakfast.  They come in all shapes and sizes and Old Tupton Honey Pots all come with a spoon and lid.

Ceramic Night Light

Ceramic night lights are a great way to make your home or office feel warm and inviting. I love to use them when I travel because it’s so comforting to be able to see a little bit of light in the darkness. They’re also great for kids. A great way to get your room ready for meditation is to make sure you have a nice, bright light to sit in front of. Having a plug-in light near you can help you create a sense of calm and tranquility. Low-energy lightbulbs or lightboxes that mimic daylight are the best bet for people who are sensitive to bright light in the evening. Most people who struggle to fall asleep at night have a hormone imbalance called melatonin suppression, which is caused by exposure to bright light in the evening hours.

Small Pottery Vases

Pottery vases are vases that are made out of clay and are fired in a kiln.  A small vase makes a big difference. They’re available in various sizes and price ranges, and there’s no doubt they can look stunning on a table. 
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