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Funeral Plan News: The Latest Trend in Cost Cutting

Jul 12

Funeral plan news is important if you are having a death in your family. This is the only way to honour and pay tribute to your loved ones before they have passed on. However, many people may not know much about funeral plans and policies. They may be more interested in the different ways that they can pay their last respects to their family member rather than how they can afford their final expense. Below are some of the latest news regarding funeral plans.

One of the most prominent ways to reduce funeral expenses is to receive a quote from several funeral plan providers which offer the option to co-pay for a funeral. These are usually cheaper than taking out an entire funeral insurance policy from the family. This is an excellent choice for people who need to get the cost of a funeral paid for but don't want to take out a policy from the funeral home. If this is something that has happened to you or someone you know, you will appreciate having a source for affordable life insurance to cover the funeral expenses.

Another news item that is worth keeping an eye on is the rising trend of "body farms". This term refers to cremation plots that are rented out for funerals. Often these cemeteries are in remote areas where access to medical treatment is limited. The rent on the plot usually covers all or at least a large portion of the burial costs.

Burial costs can also be a major burden when someone passes away without life insurance coverage. Often the surviving family members are unable to pay the burial costs and must make a financial decision. Many people with this dilemma choose cremation over burial because cremation doesn't have as large of an impact on the household finances. However, for others, the funeral is simply not an option because they cannot afford the burial costs. If this is you, then it may be time to reevaluate your life insurance plan and include cremation coverage.

Cremation is very similar to burial. Just as a person has a period following their death, a person also must wait a certain amount of time before cremation is performed. Sometimes this can mean many months. For families that may be struggling financially, it can mean the difference between making ends meet or not making ends meet at all. Finding out about the growing trend of cremation and how much it could save you and your family can provide some funeral plan news.

While the topic of funeral costs itself is important, it is not the only aspect of funeral plans. Choosing the right funeral director is just as important. Although it is not the sole role of the funeral plan provider, choosing the right funeral director is extremely important as well. The funeral director is in charge of the inventory of the deceased's remains and is responsible for the processing and finalization of death certificates. Therefore, choosing the right funeral director is critical to saving you money as well as the emotional toll that choosing the wrong one can take. Lastly, read some reviews when planning on purchasing a funeral plan.