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Choosing Commercial Mixing Tools

Oct 12

Mixers help you create a variety of foodservice dishes in your commercial kitchen. They can knead dough, whip and blend ingredients to prepare soups and sauces or puree vegetable and fruit mixtures. They also function as a large food processor to chop or shred ingredients quickly. Some mixers can even chop meat, so that you can incorporate it into various dishes like pizza, pasta or salads. They come in several sizes and styles to meet your kitchen’s needs.

The size of your commercial mixer depends on its bowl capacity and the type of work it’s capable of doing. Smaller countertop mixers typically hold up to 10 quarts and can fit on an equipment stand, while larger mixers with capacities of 20 quarts or more are best placed on the floor of your kitchen. Some models have a wide base that stabilizes them as they spin, and some feature powered bowl lifts to minimize the strain on your employees when they’re handling full, heavy mixer bowls.

Most mixers have interchangeable attachments that allow you to change the type of work they can do. Some have special chopping plates to speed up the cutting and shredding of vegetables, fruits or meats for toppings or salad dressings. Others have a kneading arm that can be swapped with other attachments to handle varying types of dough.

Another important consideration when choosing a commercial mixer is its motor power. The stronger the motor, the more capable it is of EasyMix a heavier or thicker batch of food. You can find mixers with both belt- and gear-driven transmission systems, each of which has advantages depending on your operation’s needs. Belt-driven mixers offer a wider range of speed choices, while gear-driven models typically have fewer speeds but can operate for longer periods of time without requiring maintenance.

When you’re ready to purchase a commercial mixer for your business, be sure to consider all of the features that are available. For example, many mixers have digital controls that offer a 30 or 60 minute timer and a last-batch recall setting. This way, you can easily keep track of the amount of time your employees are spending on each recipe and prevent overuse or burnout of the machine.

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